Aioli, and other vices

I try to be good. Often I fail. There is a very annoying saying – everything in moderation – which I’ve noticed is particularly popular with people who have slim hips and high metabolisms. And, whilst I like to think I have admirable genetic attributes myself, regular readers will know restraint isn’t one of them.

We all have our own personal holes in the road on the “being good” front. Sometimes I manage to swerve and sometimes I just go straight in head first. Cheesecake, clotted cream, a large Martini and a soggy croissant spring instantly to mind. Thought not all on the same plate at the same time.

But, it’s those small hidden vices which insidiously drip, drip, away.

We have a salt shaker on our table. I like to shake it. I shake it because it makes a weird noise like an angry rattle snake. Sometimes when Guido is quietly sucking his spaghetti I’ll jump up behind him and give it a twist. It’s amazing the combined pleasure a generous dusting of salt and scaring my husband half to death brings me. We also have a sugar bowl. In fact, we have two. One with demerara cubes and one with white granulated in a glass jar with a silver funnel on top. I sometimes plonk one lump in my coffee just for the hell of it. If I’ve got an early morning meeting in Shepherds Bush – which let’s face it, has to be depressing at the best of times – I’ll just pour an avalanche straight onto my Coco Pops and start slowly digging my way out. This could explain why I see pound signs in my dentist’s eyes when I visit his surgery every six months. You’ll also now understand why I have routinely resorted to The Banana Diet – a rare kind of masochism reserved for people with a highly developed but twisted interest in condiments and their alternative uses.

“Where d’you think you might want to spread this?” asked Guido last night somewhat provocatively in my opinion. He just happened to be holding a small dish of his freshly homemade mayonnaise at the time.

I’d just watched him put garlic, egg yolks and mustard into a blender. It sure beat what they were showing on Channel 5, I can tell you. He blitzed it to a paste and then slowly dribbled in olive oil to make a thick mayonnaise-style sauce. When everything came together he added lemon juice, then seasoned to taste. If you want to try making it, it should keep covered in the fridge of a normal person for up to 2 days. But obviously we’re not normal.

“It depends what you’re planning on serving it with,” I said as quick as a flash.

I was pretending to play it totally cool but I was secretly hoping for a bowl of something deep fried to use to start dunking. I do like a good dunk, and aioli is perfect. So there’s another item (vice) to add to my ever burgeoning list.

“I’m open to ideas,” said Guido, “but I’m definitely done in the kitchen. If you know what I mean?”

The aioli tasted good. I imagine it’s great with cold chicken or flaked tuna. Alternatively – try spreading liberally across a hairy thigh. Though I can’t promise what effect this will have on your hips.

41 thoughts on “Aioli, and other vices

  1. One thing I’ve learned when someone beside me was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Well a few things. First – you can beat Type II, second it means you diet undergoes a radical change. Fats and proteins and vegetables (And I say even fruit) is good for us, processed carbohydrates and sugar are VERY bad for us. Since cutting those latter we’ve both dropped 30+ pounds of weight. And his blood sugar on average – how could it be any other way – is 93mg/dl. Completely normal. Plus his BP is coming up 120/80 all the time so no high blood pressure either. And my sugar is normal and BP the same.

    Of course now the talking heads on YouTube are saying you need 7 to 10 cups of vegetables a day. I told him he’d be eating a LOT of salad for breakfast, brunch, dinner etc. All this is in pursuit of more potassium but here’s the rub – the only effect of potassium I know is decreasing blood pressure. Plus some neural signalling. So I get a bullshit read from what this Doctor on YouTube is saying.

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    • Congratulations. I know how tough it is to lose weight, so well done keeping the pounds off and looking after one another. Salt and sugar are the bad boys right enough. Like I said I try very hard to avoid both but sometimes I fall off the wagon – so to speak.
      Somebody one told me bananas are his in potassium, so maybe that does me good after all!


  2. We were using homemade mayo 60 years ago when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s worth the effort. And demerara sugar is the BEST. Nothing’s wrong with moderation as long as it’s regularly moderate. Hah. Cheers.

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