Bring to a gentle Simmer, then stir…

I’ve always happily followed the belief, it’s not how big it is, it’s what you do with it. However now, it’s not what you do with it, but how often you get it out. Are you folks still with me?

You will not be surprised to hear that Guido wasn’t too pleased with me when I once divulged on this blog that we routinely had sex twice on a Saturday and every other Tuesday afternoon – especially if it happened to be raining. So in the – how often you get it out stakes – I’d always thought my husband and I were having more of it than the London average. But not so, according to an article I read by a sex therapist published in The Times.

According to The Dr, as I’m now affectionately calling him, you don’t have to go the whole nine yards, instead just simply get each other worked up a bit sexually on a daily basis. This regular toe dip in the shallow waters of arousal feels good and gets you going. Didn’t you know the most sexually satisfied couples amongst us get a buzz this way every day? But instead of a full on screw-a-thon they gaze, they touch, they sniff. I have to say this does sound less exhausting and time consuming, especially if it’s raining.

As you know I like to bring readers hot news on, well, getting hot, so The Dr calls this latest craze SimmeringIn reality I’d call this “getting all steamed up”. More of that, below. So naturally in the interests of modern science I decided to warm things up a bit myself on Sunday morning. But more of that, also below.

In the cafe kitchen yesterday I found Guido contentedly frying three eggs sunny side up. All four of them were a pleasing sight and whilst I do like to sniff a fried egg when I can, I decided to make my first “Simmer” move whilst I had the chance. I snuck up when Guido least expected it and sniffed him wildly around the neck. What can I tell you about that other than to say there was the faint whiff of Givenchy For Gentlemen and extra virgin olive oil.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked flinching whilst simultaneously catapulting his spatula high into the air.

The Dr never said anything about catapulting. I had to think on my feet. What, I thought, would Zac Ephron do? I suddenly realised I’d sniffed before I’d touched or gazed so decided to do everything in reverse order. I stared deeply into Guido’s eyes fluttering my eye lashes. Then I reached out and took a firm hold of him. Nothing seemed be going hard other than his yolks. This was extremely disappointing. Nothing simmered.

The Dr says, by all means Simmer by text. I thought this was a terrific idea so later I sent Guido this to his mobile.

“Every time I think of you I get all hot under the collar…”

The three dots were crucial in my opinion.

Then I got this zapped back from Guido.


Today is now Monday. I’ve been Simmering for almost two days solid. And in the interests of modern science I can’t tell you how pleased I am tomorrow is Tuesday.

I just hope it’s raining VERY hard.

39 thoughts on “Bring to a gentle Simmer, then stir…

  1. Oh, dear! I think I identify totally with Guido! After over 43 years of wedded semi-bliss, my simmer buttons are stuck in the off position. We now go for the ‘let’s get this over with, are you there yet’ cold fusion version. Still, jump starting a cold engine can be fun 🙂 Thinks for the morning giggles.

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  2. I like a little affection every day …a hug or touch or a little kiss …I think that speaks volumes. But, again, so does a good toss around the bed … on a rainy, or sunny, Tuesday, or Thursday or what have you.


  3. Shit. You guys could never simmer. What would you do with all the condiments in the mean time?

    Now the lad and I have the simmer down to a tee. It does indeed give me a good adrenaline rush during the day. But when we finally get together it’s like the towering inferno. There is a sense to this article. Trust me, I know men, I’ve made it my life’s work. Not many can hold out, alas for long.


  4. Another approach might be to slip romantic/saucy handwritten notes where Guido might find them throughout the day. I was recently reading a book where the couple in question did this and it seemed to simmer well.

    Alternatively, you could scoop him in your arms and smother him with kisses in the middle of the lunch rush.


  5. I hope you’re not left simmering too long, you may end up giving something a burnt bottom or forming a skin (like on a rice pudding) that the majority don’t like. I’d eat it, though…if there were raspberry jam to stir in.


  6. HA! So much for your attempt at simmering, you could have landed up in hor water or rather hot oil in this case!
    Anyway, I am not keen on the idea of bubbling on the edge for too long, if I don’t get what’s promised then I go off the boil! 🙂


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