Still in love

Against all of the odds – and I’m really not a betting man – inexplicably my long divorced parents are still conducting their rekindled love-in. In fact, they flew to Dubai for a holiday today. This will mean sitting next to each other on a plane for more than seven straight hours and then spending every waking moment (and I assume every sleeping moment) together. If you’d asked me twelve months ago about the likelihood of that ever happening I’d have laughed out loud and said there was more chance of Trump and Kim Jong-un slapping one another on the back. So, what do I know?

”Life’s full of surprising twists and turns,” said Guido tonight whilst serving up a great big pasta dinner.

The cafe was shut but tantalisingly the lights were still on. Every so often there’d be a tap tap tap on the window by someone looking desperate, gesticulating wildly, and then mouthing the words – ARE YOU STILL OPEN?. I’d mouth the words right back – NO SORRY WE’RE SHUT – and then provocatively suck up a long buttery strand of spaghetti. If looks could kill, I’d be a dead man.

”Maybe your parents will tie the knot again,” Guido said swirling his fork. I let out a groan.

”Urgh,” I said, “Can you imagine it?”

That would elevate my parents into the same marriage category as twice wed Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. And, co-incidentally, my abiding memory of their union the first time around was like living through a groundhog day of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf. They’d slug it out, night after night, like a couple of mud wrestlers. Trust me. No one swings a frying pan like my mother, Cruella, and no one ducks his head faster than my father. Honestly, I’m surprised I’ve turned out as well adjusted and balanced as I have.

You can stop laughing.

”Well, sometimes two people are just meant to be together. Time, maturity and the realisation that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side,” mused Guido.

He opened a bottle of Rioja with a pop.

I stopped chewing.

“Thank you Dr Ruth,” I said. “Though I suppose the upside would be I’d finally get to fulfil my childhood ambition to be a bridesmaid, and, you could lay on a fish inspired bridal finger buffet.”

Weirdly my thoughts strayed to a mental image of my mother in a cream organza dress with Guido tossing a calamari.

”My father actually owns a blue velvet wedding suit. No really he does,” I said.

He really does. Apparently he bought it for his first marriage to my mother and then wore it to his next three ceremonies. I should know, because I’ve seen it. I’ve been ring bearer, best man and, a hopeful witness. I swear if he threw that suit through the church doors it would probably walk up the aisle all by itself and say, I do.

”Don’t be mean,” said Guido, “some people just aren’t meant to be alone.”

I heard a tap tap rap sound. I mouthed the words – NO SORRY WE’RE SHUT – and sucked loudly.

Later in bed I lay staring at the ceiling wondering if my parents’ plane had landed and if they’d tried to kill each other yet.

Of all of life’s emotions, love, is still definitely my favourite.

40 thoughts on “Still in love

  1. I agree with guido, lil bro. time and maturity and wisdom has a way of helping us see clearer than we did 30-40 years ago. glad to hear you two are still so much in love and pasta. SMOOCHES to you both! PS – how are your eyes doing?


  2. You’ve reminded me of Bobbie Vinton’s 1963 recording, Blue Velvet. This is what Top 40 music sounded like until you folks kindly sent the Beatles over to America (just in time for my adolescence). I hope somehow the blue velvet wedding suit has more class than the record.

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  3. Very mean, eating in front of those people starving people outside 🙂
    Hope your parents do okay in Dubai.
    I’ll give you love and raise you laughter.
    “Walk up the aisle all by itself” Wonderful line, fantastic image, still laughing 🙂


  4. I can vouch that as we get older, we acquire a little maturity and wisdom that we didn’t have when we were older. If your parents are getting back together, it may be a great thing. Not sure about that wedding suit, though!


  5. I share your apprehension. Your parents are presumably heterosexual and thus might not realize this, but it is in fact possible to be in love and not get married. Perhaps you could introduce them to the concept of living in sin? Or perhaps the concept of not living together at all but being lovers anyways? I hate to think of ruining good cookware by swinging it around.

    I also hope your surgery goes well on Wednesday.


  6. I have an uncle who lived a story like this but it was with a former lover he met while married… so they had to break up but then he met the lover again years after their story ended and now they are together


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