Someone like me

It was my father’s third wife who told me, then as an awkward teenager, I was somebody who was really special.

“Always remember,” Flora said, “someone like you is born to sing their own song.”

I, of course, instinctively knew right at that moment, she knew, that I knew, exactly what she was talking about.

“And don’t you ever be afraid to sing it,” she said.

Flora was all of the things that draw you to a person. Compassionate, unconditionally loving, prone to drama, but a whole bunch of fun to be around. She thought absolutely nothing of baking me a chocolate gateaux for weekday breakfast. Which regular readers will now know probably explains a great deal about me. Although she didn’t have any children of her own, she had the ability to tap into what was crackling over a gay adolescent’s frequency like an untuned radio; yet still able to make perfect sense of it to translate for the listener.

“ When you’re older – listen out for someone else singing the same song,” she went on, “and if you hear it, promise me you won’t be scared to listen to it.”

I’ve never forgotten about that conversation with Flora, and was reminded of it again when I saw two young guys in our cafe courtyard this lunchtime. It’s one of the first occasions Guido’s set up tables outside in the Denmark Hill garden. And when I use the term garden, it’s in the loosest possible sense. The place has had a brush up and a lick of paint. You’d be impressed.

I watched them both. They were laughing. They ordered club sandwiches with extra ketchup, they shared a Coke from the same iced glass and for the longest time they stared at one another. Then one reached out and held the other’s hand.

That’s when I heard a familiar song playing in my head. Someone like me can’t miss it.

“Why d’you have such a happy smiley face on?” asked Guido when I strolled into the kitchen.

“I just heard a song I like,” I said.

I pulled a stool up at the counter top where he was mixing the contents of a cake batter. It looked wet and thick and luscious. It took a great deal of self restraint – of which I have very little – to stop me from sticking my finger into it.

“Yeah?”  he asked, “which one?”

He had a dap of flour on his left cheek and his apron was crisscrossed around his muscle shirt. When he flashed me a wide smile I reached out and stroked the back of his hand.

“Let’s just say” I said, “it’s a favourite of mine.”

A little while ago, when the cafe closed, I came back out into the courtyard. The sun is still casting shadows on the tops of the roofs here in London. I know Guido’s inside tidying up because I can hear the sound of pots clattering from the kitchen. The window’s open and he’s just started singing along, at the top of his voice, to a tune on the radio.

He’s the worst singer. Yet in that little nano second of a moment, I got the feeling that everything is good around here. Just maybe it’s all going to work out.

And you have no idea how happy that really makes me feel.


44 thoughts on “Someone like me

  1. I believe it was Shakespeare who put it, be true to thine own self. I waited into my late 20’s to realize that I needed to do that – to be happy. All is good, and we will all be just FINE!

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  2. (sings)
    sing a song
    sing out loud
    sing out strong
    sing of good things, not bad
    sing of happy, not sad
    sing a song
    make it simple
    to last your whole life long
    don’t worry that it’s not good enough
    for anyone else to hear
    just sing
    sing a song

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  3. Very interesting story. I’ve always been told I march to the beat of my own drum. Now my father – when my mom passed away, it was just he and I for a couple years. Then a wonderful woman met him and the rest was history – they were married for 21 years until she too died from cancer. But one thing I will always love her for is that she could keep my father in check. And she was a fierce advocate for me.

    And it’s funny – my fathers faith in god was shaken when his second wife passed. But he decided to double down on belief. Me – I went the other way – realized there was no god and well – we were at loggerheads over that.

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  4. I love this post, because of this ….
    “ When you’re older – listen out for someone else singing the same song, and if you hear it, promise me you won’t be scared to listen to it.”
    Everyone should have a Flora in their lives!
    And, to top it all off, she was right!

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  5. Isn’t love a wonderful thing to see? It strikes when you least expect and we are blessed when it touches our soul. Your stepmum sounds like the kind of person I wish my own mother had been… But wasn’t.

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