I’ll have what he’s having

We’ve had snow in London twice now in a single month. That’s almost unheard of around here. The way some people have been behaving you’d think the whole world was teetering dangerously on the brink of some sort of Armageddon. And don’t even get me started about the public transport system.

I was standing in line for the bus last week when a random dude pushed right in front of me.

I’m late for work – with a capital F!” he shouted at me. “Fine,” I yelled back, “with a capital F!

“That’s what I love about this city,” said my friend Marc, “in times of need total strangers still have a complete disregard for their fellow man. I’m surprised he didn’t take your head off.”

Marc had stopped by the cafe for a bowl of something hot and steamy. He chose a cup of Guido’s carrot coriander soup. It’s been flying out of the door all day. I can highly recommend it if you’re having a day with an F in it.

“Yeah, whatever happened to the Blitz spirit that glued us all together?” I said, “All I know is my mother resorted to panic food shopping at Harrods. Apparently she ended up back at her apartment and all she had was a bottle of raspberry flavoured gin, a jar of pickled turnip tops, and a home macaroon making kit.”

I tried to imagine what my mother would do with all of that stuff. She’d call it – Hors D’oeuvre, Entrée and Dessert. Of course if she was hungry enough she’d have ended up over here at the cafe picking something delicious from the specials board.

“Listen, I think if we were denied copious amounts of food for a few days we’d all be in much better shape,” Marc sighed slowing patting his mid-riff.

“Are you kidding me?” I said, “God forbid.”

I tried to imagine a dinner without linguine smothered in garlic oil and trust me it wasn’t pretty.

“As you know I act like a crazy person when I’m hungry.” I said.

I dipped my bread crust vigorously into my Miso broth. It instantly went pleasingly soggy.

“I remember starving myself through my last banana diet. One night I found myself sobbing uncontrollably on the sofa during an episode of Hawaii 5-O. Rather than admit to a perverted craving for rocky road baked cheesecake I told Guido I was moved by the rugged beauty of Steve McGarrett’s chest hair.”

There was a pause for obvious reasons.

”I get it. At times like that baby,” said Marc, “all you want is comfort food.” He licked his spoon when he said that.

I thought about what comfort really meant to me. Naturally I thought about maple syrup. Who wouldn’t? I thought about the endless possibilities of good mayonnaise.Then inexplicably my brain made a connection to Guido’s thighs. Imagine if all that was rationed and in short supply. Life wouldn’t be much worth living.

”We all appreciate the special things in our life,” said Marc. “I guess that’s why I keep eating here.” He took another mouthful of soup.

That was reassuring.

So if the real Armageddon ever does happen, do take the time to stop by. In the unlikely event there’s nothing you fancy on the menu, I’ll get Guido to quickly rustle something up for you.


60 thoughts on “I’ll have what he’s having

  1. Spring has arrived and snow has too. I am currently on a half snow day and hoping for a full one. If there is Armageddon, we have enough canned soup to last for months. I’ll take the BBQ wings please. Hugs to you both!!!

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  2. Love the picture of the menu you posted, I would love to drop by for something. Next time in London will ask you for the address. As for the F word you mean of course Fine! I am Finely late for work. Fine you say and he says have a Fine day! I cannot imagine what else someone would have said in London of all places, you know stiff upper lip and all that.

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  3. Until I zoomed in, at first I thought the bottom item was “homemade gravies”.

    The writing on the sign is pretty. Is it Guido’s?

    As a person with an extremely unhealthy relationship to food, I don’t know what to make of this entry. I agree with your friend that my health would be better if I did not have so many opportunities to pig out.

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  4. Bacon and cabbage for me, please! That sounds delicious. Also, maple syrup is definitely a comfort food, especially when applied liberally to a stack of hot, fluffy pancakes!

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  5. We’ve been cooking some snowday specials of our own and I can barely fasten my jeans! (See my post Snowdays became baking days) I’m trying to address that with a few more green smoothies and a few less scones and crumbles! But thanks for the invite, the carrot & coriander soup sounds wonderful 💜

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  6. If you saw my blog, I’ve recently taken to home made salad dressings. I am also in the camp that says fats aren’t evil, sugar on the other hand is terribly evil.

    In fact someone says I can never die – he likes the Russian dressing I made the other day.

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