Music to make love to

When Guido and I lived in the loft above The Spanish Onion our immediate neighbours were a lesbian couple called Bethany and Ethel. We always knew when they were having sex because of the groaning emanating through our walls. Sometimes the electricity power would inexplicably fluctuate and the floor boards would creak like they were manoeuvring a baby grand. One morning after a particularly passionate session I bumped into Ethel in the street outside.

”Did the earth move for you?” I asked.

Everytme they got amorous after that they’d turn up their music system to try to mask what they were up to. Let’s just say their taste in music was eclectic. Guido would always wait until everything had gone completely quiet, then he’d rattle our headboard against their bedroom wall and crank up “It’s Raining Men” at full volume. I honestly don’t think they saw the funny side.

There is a point to this story.

My father came round to the cafe for breakfast yesterday.

“I’m taking a lady friend back to my place tonight,” he nibbled his buttered toast furtively, “and I want things to be perfect.”

“Who is she?” I’m nothing if not direct.

”Let’s just call her special,” he nibbled, “I want the ambiance to be absolutely perfect.”

He’d bought toxic wine, he had scented candles, and was planning on scattering floor cushions. What woman would not be utterly seduced by this? Except now he was stuck on appropriate music. This was not surprising as, Amber, his nubile ex-girlfriend would only ever take her clothes off listening to One Direction.

”Things squelch when you make love over 60 so I want something to drown it out,” he said.

“Hmm, “ I said, “in that case you don’t want anything with too quick a tempo, unless you’re planning a premature ending.”

He stopped nibbling.

”Listen kiddo, at my age I need something that takes a while to build up to the big crescendo, but, doesn’t turn into a full-on marathon.” He sipped his coffee, “I’m not the man I used to be.”

Beethoven’s 5th was obviously out then.

“So nothing too shmaltzy or anything that could turn into a singalong,” I asked.

”The last thing I want is to hear her breaking into song and throwing me off my concentration.” He unconsciously nibbled faster.

”Well Guido and I have our favourite tracks, but obviously depends if we’re using mayonnaise or melted chocolate at the time.” I dunked my donut. “Listen, I’ll email you a suggestion,”

Later that night I called my mother.

“I can’t talk long darling,” she said all breathy, “I’m seeing a man friend later.”

”Who is he?” I asked.

“Let’s just call him special,” she said.

It was 2 a.m. when I woke up in bed. My eyes were wide open and it wasn’t because Guido was snoring like a fog horn. The penny had finally dropped. After forty years of happy divorce my parents were making love to each other again.

Anyway, here’s the track I picked. If you do try listening to this whilst making love, don’t blame me if you start thinking about two sixty five year fruit cakes having weird sex with a scatter cushion.

Though I really wouldn’t blame you if you did.


66 thoughts on “Music to make love to

  1. if you fell the earth move under your feet, it’s just your parents fucking. more power to them if they can get it up at age 65. my ship sailed long ago in that department.

    melted chocolate or mayo…gimme chocolate! smooches to you and guido!

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  2. “nothing that could turn into a singalong” — LOL, very true. Instrumental music of whatever kind is best!

    And really, tormenting those poor lesbian neighbours with “It’s Raining Men”? I hope they retaliated by playing “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves”

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  3. Now I just want to know what appliances the lesbians were using to drain the power!?!

    When I was with my boyfriend and we were about to get intimate, I always put on The Sound of Music and we made love to that, so clearly we had no problem with a sing along, well except for the moments when a person can’t sing because…

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  4. I have four suggestions for your parents – all by Marvin Gaye and all to be played in this order:

    Me and Mrs. Jones
    Let’s Get It On
    Sexual Healin’
    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

    They can take their time and enjoy it…..there’s no risk of anyone breaking a hip or throwing their back out or anything like that.

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  5. I think the most unsettling thing about this situation is that your parents approach you for sex advice. Parents aren’t supposed to acknowledge that their children know anything about sex! They are supposed to think grandbabies are delivered by storks!

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  6. Hold on a minute. This math doesn’t make sense. You say your parents are sixty-five, and that they have been happily divorced for forty years. Meanwhile, there is no way you are a day over twenty-seven. Something doesn’t add up.

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  7. Soooo…….did you ever get a follow up report on how the night went from either/both of them? I’ve got to think that if you didn’t have the huevos to ask them, Guido did it just to make you uncomfortable.

    Remember that knowledge is power. You might glean some info that could come in handy as leverage when dealing with one or both of them in the future.

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