The last supper

Last night Guido and I invited both sets of parents over to The Spanish Onion. It’ll probably be the last time we see them before we move out of our loft above the café.

Guido’s parents, Rosa and Juan, insisted on cooking from scratch which was obviously terrific. My mother’s no longer dating the rich Sheikh or the highly muscular but worryingly pliable American businessman. My father’s also split with Amber. So it was just the six of us and in my opinion that was even more terrific.

It was weird seeing my parents sitting at the same table being nice. I think it’s the longest they’ve been in a room together since their divorce without one of them throwing a frying pan at the other. After dessert Guido and I made the coffee. When I say we made the coffee what I mean is Guido made the coffee. I rattled the cups and saucers.

“Your parents seem to be getting along extremely well,” said Guido. “At one point I thought your father was going to feed your mother some chorizo from the end of his fork.”

“I know,” I said, “it’s pretty amazing what three bottles of a good Rioja and some homemade tapas can do to salve decades of wanting to strangle each other. Just saying.”

“They were staring intently at each other through the flickering candle in the middle of the table,” said Guido frothing up some milk.

Here’s another one of Guido’s secret insider barista tips for you – if you want really frothy milk make sure its stone cold before you start.

“My mother was probably trying to figure out if she could set my father alight like a human fireball with only the aid of a small naked flame,” I said sceptically.

“Oh I don’t think so,” Guido said smiling, “that candle wasn’t the only thing being rekindled tonight.”

At about eleven o’clock Rosa and Juan caught the bus back to Dulwich and a while later, after some Cointreau, my parents left too.

My father hugged Guido good-night and then I watched him walk towards Southwark Street and he turned left out of sight. Just before he did, he paused at the corner under a street lamp and glanced back at me and he blew a kiss.

Then my mother got into a cab and wound down the window.

“You know I envy you?” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“I do,” and she took my hand and she squeezed it tight. “You’re one of the lucky ones. You’ve found what some of us spend our whole lives searching for but never find.”

I must have still looked bemused.

“Love, of course,” she smiled. “Darling, in the end, it’s all that really matters.”

Later when Guido and I were in bed and the lights were switched out and he was fast asleep, I lay there thinking.

I thought about our finances and if there was enough for the new cafe and if Guido would still love me when we’re completely broke and I’m even fatter than I already am now and my eyebrows are even more bushy.

I think I sighed a big sigh and just rolled over and closed my eyes.

My mother was right. In the end there’s only one thing that really matters.

49 thoughts on “The last supper

  1. The two of you will be fine because you love or another and also talk to one another. People ask what has kept my husband and I together for 25 plus years and I always say he makes me laugh. There have also been tears, but love is always there too. Best of luck with the new restaurant.

    Hugs to you and Guido…and Happy Anniversary (a few days early)!!!

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  2. I was looking for an old Eubie Blake number that this post reminded me off but couldn’t seem to come up with a decent version of it. It’s called Love Will Find A Way. You got the love kiddo and you will find the way. Hugs

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  3. Human beings aren’t too bright. We spend years looking for the person we don’t mind seeing first thing in the morning… and then we take them for granted 🙂
    Obviously, you and Guido are smarter than most people.
    Happy Anniversary and enjoy the new place 🙂


      • When I first determined that I really loved the man who would become my future husband I started saying “I love you” and giving him a kiss every time he or I left to go to work, the store, etc. I explained that I did that because if something happened to me and I never saw him again, I wanted him to know that I loved him. He liked the idea and did the same.

        The last time I saw him when he was coherent was in the emergency room around 11:15 pm on 3/27. I kissed him and told him I loved him before I left. We had been through many hospital stays due to his heart issues and I had no reason to believe this one would end any differently.

        The next morning, he was doped up and I couldn’t talk to him. I had my back to him talking to a nurse when he went into cardiac arrest. The nurse ushered me out of the room and I never had a chance to tell him that I loved him and give him a kiss. It haunts me still.

        NEVER take love for granted. It can be taken from you in an instant.


      • What a very poignant comment. You are someone who knows love and loss. Thank you for telling me and reminding everyone who reads this how fragile love and life is.
        JP x


  4. Glad you guys had a good time. Enjoy it while you can. And your parents even thought divorced – they say where there’s a spark there’s a fire.

    Reminds me of my dad – I could only tolerate him with his second wife. She kept him in line. My mom did too but she passed away too young. Still – once the second wife died my relationship with dad fell apart. You see, I couldn’t understand how he could still worship a non-existent god after losing two wives to cancer. There was a time where I thought he might make it through all of it but alas, it wasn’t to be. Then he married wife number three – she left his ass. She and I are still friendly on facebook.


  5. No matter how the move turns out, I know both of you will be fine. My parents stayed together until death do they part, but did they love each other? Maybe once upon a time they did.


  6. Your mother is absolutely right.
    My father puts it a different way, though it means the same thing; he says all you really ‘get’ in life is happiness and some people are so busy looking for something else, they never stay happy.


  7. Hi JP, Ted here, I was in bed with Barry White this morning (on my I-pad) Brian was licking my face wanting his breakfast and Gary was still snoring, but after your lovely blog I had to have ‘Loves Theme’ before I got up to face the day. Ted.


  8. glad you had them all over. The reward and and strength of each re,action ship is that you take it day to day and when you look back you realize how you both survived the path together. Yes we all worry about Money, our future, and sometimes question love itself. But we all make it somehow, and any relationship that is not strong eonogh will never venture too far outside of its comfort zone. I think you are both braved and doing to have one incredible story to tell one day. Ivan


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