Crimes against ice-cream

This week in London something unexpected happened.  The sun started shining. The temperature hit 76 degrees. Unpacking my beachwear was absolutely out of the question until I rushed to do what any other self-respecting, utterly vain, and VERY white gay guy like me would do. I got a spray on tan.

Now, I’ve no problem whatsoever having skin a fluorescent tangerine shade but I definitely think I’ve got Guido worried about our wedding photographs. But I’m so grateful he doesn’t care at all about his own skin tone because when the outside temperature soared it triggered one of his astonishing money making brainstorms.  Selling homemade ice-cream out of the café window.

I’m very open minded – but when it comes to ice-cream I’ll admit I’m totally vanilla. Of course I’d do everything to help sales, especially if it involves eating, so happily agreed to blind test Guido’s new recipes.

You won’t be in the least surprised to hear that we did that in bed last night. And it got Guido noticeably excited under the sheets with his wet scoop and a black satin blindfold. If you catch my drift.

“Tell me honestly what you think,” he asked as I stretched open as wide as I possibly could before snapping my lips shut.

“Hmm…,” I said, “this tastes remarkably like one of your smelly old socks,” I said, because frankly it did.

I lifted the blindfold just to make sure I wasn’t actually sucking on a damp one. Apparently this particular recipe was Wild Garlic and Honey flavour so that gives you an idea what the content of our laundry basket stinks of if you’re ever in the unfortunate position to have to lift up the lid. So you have been warned. I put the blindfold back on feeling strangely relieved. I had high hopes for the next mouthful.

“What do you think?” Guido paused tentatively as I took a big lick.

Avocado and Sour Cream flavour tasted just like avocado and sour cream but Curry with Mango flavour tasted of bleach in my opinion. Tequila flavour I could tell straight off. It was totally intoxicating. But I absolutely can’t begin to describe to you what Brown Bread and Orange flavour was like. I obviously had to take a peek. Bizarrely it was exactly the same colour as my new skin.

“Ok,” said Guido, breathing a heavy sigh of relief, “that’s the tasting over but can I say I’m getting pretty hot and turned on staring at your naked and helpless body wearing a blindfold.”

I felt what I could only assume was a spare spoon proding me through his tartan shorts.

“I have a suggestion,” he said, “why don’t I keep you blindfolded whilst I feed you the rest of this tub of Tequila flavour and just see what develops on the sensation front?”

I’ve done something similar before in bed with Guido though on that particular occasion it involved the two of us and a lobster. I have to tell you it certainly was an interesting way to pass an hour or two, so if you’ve got the time and the inclination I can certainly recommend doing it with a sorbet.

Just so you’re aware. Apparently Fake Tan flavour sales are outstripping Smelly Old Socks two to one. I’m not at all surprised; they’re a funny lot in Bermondsey.

If I’m honest I’m just really disappointed this stuff hasn’t made the customers change colour yet.


23 thoughts on “Crimes against ice-cream

  1. You have made my day! Back in the bed with you and Guido. I myself have found my best taste testing takes place in bed. Lobster!?!?! I’m intrigued. Meanwhile, with flavors like Guido invents, he’d make a mint here in new hope. My favorite place has flavors like gin rummy, brown sugar, bourbon snd honey, cardamom, Africa violet, and rosewater! These would even be better with Guido spoon feeding one.

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      • Guido gets your hot body. We get your hot blog entries. That sounds like a fair compromise to me. Besides, all publicity is good publicity, and surely you are drumming up business for the Spanish Onion amongst your blog readership.

        I am told that Roasted Garlic Ice Cream is quite delicious. Raw Garlic Ice Cream would be… interested.

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  2. We are seeing the sun for the first time this evening since it seems like nothing but rain for the weeks. It seems like ice cream flavors are becoming more exotic. Guido may be on to something with his creations.


  3. There is a gelato shop in Ragusa that has a very tasty Olive Oil ice cream that if it doesn’t meet the taste test could at least be used to soothe and lubricate that no doubt painful tangerine skin. Amongst other things……


  4. Really JP this entire post just left me feeling confused and upset 😦 Blindfolds? Hot! Ice cream in bed? Love it! Tequila? Sounds like a good time! But then you bring up dirty laundry and the possible mistreatment of a lobster and I’m really concerned about the kind of choices you’re making! Well, at least when it comes to ice cream flavours 😉

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    • Please accept my apologies. I should have remembered how you feel about lobsters. Please rest assured that no creatures are harmed in the writing of this blog. Well, with the exception of me, when doing Guido’s laundry. I’ve touched on Guido’s laundry before in my earlier post – What Lies Beneath – but have a drink before reading it. Just saying.

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