Save the date

4th July. Yes, really.

Beards and weird hats welcome.


56 thoughts on “Save the date

  1. my, my, my! That’s is great news! Will there be fireworks? Uh, well, I guess you already had THEM but you know what I mean? And the pink suits? * runs off to start planning ensemble and check Philip Treacy’s schedule for hat planning*


      • Not macho enough to be best men I suppose!
        And do you really want two ‘Norma Desmond’ lookalikes to be bridesmaids? We would spoil the photos. that you will have to post around the world. And we would need long dresses as we both have terrible legs!!


  2. eeeeeeeeeeeee! our country’s independence day and your wedding day (makes note to get fireworks and sparklers and confetti). FABULOUS NEWS!

    there WILL be pix afterwards on this blog, I hope, since some of us cannot travel to be there…

    all the best to you and guido!


  3. How sad to know we will not be reading your witty posts for a while and believe me I really don’t think people were about to get tired of the magical sentence of your blog. Wish you all the best until you decide to come back and blog again :). Best wishes for the wedding!


  4. I’m just too happy for you guys to think of anything smart arse to say at this moment. Definitely I want to see that pink tux, I just have to see that. 😉


  5. Is it really strange that as try on a fabulous Audrey Hepburn styled wide brim hat I think to myself, this might not be weird but surely I could wear it to the wedding of a person that I’ve never met in a town I’ve never visited. Anything to justify the purchase of a classic black hat with a cream silk bow. So so happy for you both. (and for me, after all, I got a new hat!)


  6. Looks like I have yo apologize for my delinquency. I hadn’t stopped by in a while. I am so happy to see you are still here writing (so out of the loop I am) but even happier that I read this news!


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