I’ll be back

It’s amazing how unexpected eye surgery can put the brakes on creative outlet.  I’ll be back soon to bore you all in 2016. Until then – fellow bloggers, readers and friends – where ever in the world you are have a happy and peaceful Christmas.



23 thoughts on “I’ll be back

  1. Oh no. That stinks. Sending oodles of huggles and snuggles. Much love to you and Guido. I hope you find something naughty in your stocking. x


  2. ‘HAPPY CHRISTMAS’ To all friends at the ‘Spanish Onion’. We’ll be round for cards when you can see what you are doing Jean Paul. Meanwhile Best Wishes from us G&T (Gary and Ted)


  3. Merry Christmas. Good luck with the eye surgery and recovery. Best wishes for ’16 and can’t wait for the next instalment.

    We’re in London for Christmas and will be exploring Bermondsy St before we leave- it looks terrific.


  4. I hope you are still able to have a Happy Christmas yourself. Wishing you all the best for the season and with your recovery. I look forward to being ‘bored’ once more!


  5. Oh no…so sorry to learn about EYES misbehaving! Surrounding you in the presence of kale, mustard and turnip greens simmering with smoked ham hocks on the stove, corn bread in the oven and dried beans on the side. Better known as ‘manna’ here in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s good for what ails ya, as well as a blessing for the New Year. 1st time poster here, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. In fact, I’m going through a bit of withdrawal without it…and I’m pretty sure that’s the general consensus among your followers. THANK YOU for being there sharing your stories, letting us get to know Guido a bit…and imagining Pink Tuxes! YOWZA! My HUSBAND and I got married this past July, on our 21st Anniversary together, and we were shocked at how emotional it felt to finally be able to ‘do it’. There WAS something ‘sacred’ occurring in those moments for us, and THAT is what we’ll remember. We didn’t wear Pink Tuxedos, but I’ll always fondly see them in the ‘background of my memories’ of that day. Wishing you health, love and wealth (and looking forward to your return)…HAPPY NEW YEAR (to ALL).

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    • Thank you for your very kind comment. It’s nice to be missed. I’m not working with both eyes they which makes life difficult – especially catching up with my blogger and online friends. I hope everyone will bear with me.


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