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I have a little secret past-time which is giving me a large amount of pleasure at the moment.  I always do it all alone, at least two times a day, and completely silently.  It only takes up the use of one hand at any one time and there is absolutely no need to have the lights on.  Calm down.  I know what you’re thinking.  I realise writing about a secret on a blog is completely contradictory but I feel telling you about my Pinterest board will now put my worrying obsession with pink suits into some sort of context for you.   I love Pinterest.  I set up an account there a while back so I could build up pictures of my very own fantasy wedding.  My account is imaginatively called, itsmyhusbandandme, and I’ve already “pinned” lots of pictures in there.  For those of you who don’t have a Pinterest account, or are not familiar with the concept, you get to search the web for hours on end for pictures of anything which specifically interests you and then “pin” them into your own personal album. As you can imagine there is already an indecent number of photographs of men in pink and an inordinate amount of cake layering going on in mine right now.  Though, you’ll be relieved to hear that as of yet, still no macaroons.  If Guido ever accessed my album it would make him horribly nauseous. Let’s keep it between us for now.

I use Pinterest like a mood board.  Mood boards are de rigueur in my line of work.  They help clients to imagine what my designs will look like using images and textile samples to draw together ideas of a particular style or concept. I’ve been creating mood boards for years. Even when I was growing up and other boys my age were constructing complicated bits of working machinery with Lego or learning how to karate chop a small piece of balsa wood with their bare hand, I was busy pondering the benefits of colour co-ordinating my bedroom with shag pile and a Mexican throw.  I could often be found happily cutting up back copies of my mother’s Good Housekeeping with a pair of pinking shears and then storing odd photographs in my bottom drawer.  I like to think I was an imaginatively advanced child, though I would be the first to admit that I did have an unhealthy interest in pictures of Jane Seymour’s L.A. bathroom.

Now my secret Pinterest album can feed my deepest wedding planning desires.  Which is probably just as well because although Guido is the perfect fiancé, and I love him very much, when it comes to planning a wedding I can tell he is going to be a complete pin-head.  So just to let you in on the secret, and despite the fact we live in London and currently have no actual wedding plans ourselves, my virtual Pinterest wedding is going fully to plan.  It will take place in a New England white clapperboard barn somewhere in the wilds of Connecticut.  There will be 20 ushers dressed in washed-out Levi’s and grey shirts with matching waistcoats and tartan bow ties.  There will be a rustic table casually set for at least 100 guests.  There will be antique white napkins and flickering scented candles, oh, and the chairs will snake out onto a field with golden grass and wild flowers.  We’ll eat fish soup bouillabaisse with artisan bread for dinner and end it with frozen yoghurt for dessert.  Then everyone will watch the sunset through their glasses of chilled Spanish rose wine, whilst Guido and I stare lovingly into each other’s eyes and sway in time to the faint sound of music, courtesy of our French accordion player.

If only “pinning” real life were so simple. I’d pin it.



3 thoughts on “Pin me

  1. Pink suits again, well you could have a worse obsession…. uhh I mean hobby, yup I meant to say hobby. Collecting pictures of pink suits, no therapy needed here.


    • I agree completely. I am a totally normal personal. It could be worse I could be pinning pictures of the versatile use of duct tape.


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