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Last night Guido and I had a very heated debate in bed.  For a moment it got all hot and torrid between the sheets, but not what I’d call in a good sex guide sort of way. He said that I had asked him a completely loaded question about our marriage plans.  As a result he wouldn’t now be able to get to sleep on account of the fact that he couldn’t get the horrible mental image of what I’d asked him out of his head.

Please would you stop asking me such ridiculous questions about our wedding plans just before I am about to turn the bedside lamp off,” he shouted, before turning the bedside lamp off with a flourish.

We lay in the dark.  He had his head beneath his pillow.  He said that he thought I was being completely unreasonable and intentionally controversial and that if I threw open the same question to all of the readers of this blog I would get exactly the same answer that he’d already given me. He dared me to do so.  That way I’d hear some sanity from totally normal people from all around the world.

This may be the shortest single blog I ever post here. So to merely prove that I am right and Guido is wrong I will ask you the same question I asked him last night in bed and then without any further hesitation, deviation, or duplication I will hit the publish button.

Do you think asking your partner to consider wearing a pink suit on his wedding day is an unreasonable and controversial request?”

Please feel free to post a comment.


21 thoughts on “Please post a comment

  1. That has got to be the most stupid question I have ever heard. Are you insane?
    Any customers who print a copy of this comment and bring it to The Spanish Onion will be entitled to a 50% discount on any hot drink until 1pm today. Terms and conditions apply.

    If you come along please also feel free to peruse the baked potato fillings. You can take-away, sit-in or dine out in our sunny courtyard.
    The Management.


  2. Why can’t the partners wear the suit colors of their choice.
    When Carlos and I were married last fall, we opted for matching black jackets, and crisp white shirts, but then he went with a kilt and I wore a pair of Levis.
    We discussed what the other would wear but the decision was left to the wearer because the outfit doesn’t really matter … you’re.getting.married!


  3. Guido sounds the kind of bloke
    Who’d find wearing a ‘PinkSuit’ beyond a joke.
    Jean Paul had better get the message
    Or he might find Guido withdraws his sausage!


  4. You should each wear something that suits you, both individually and as a couple. My future husband and I are wearing matching sport coats and Levi’s. It’s what we are comfortable in, and no one who knows us would expect us to wear a suit or tuxedo. From what I’ve read here, Guido doesn’t sound like the pink suit type. (Now, if he suddenly suggests that you wear a suit of armor for the ceremony, you have every right to bring up the pink suit again. )


  5. In my opinion, just asking the question shouldn’t be grounds for a fight. I don’t know, the actual idea of a certain outfit might be ridiculous for some people, but that’s subjective. Perhaps there’s underlying reasons that he blew up at you?


  6. Unreasonable? Yes, if he doesn’t like pink. Controversial? It’s only controversial if the partner doesn’t like pink and feels that the question indicates that you do not know or do not care about his preferences on that color…

    I don’t think I would react so angrily, but the answer would be solidly “Hell No” to pink as anything other than accent. A pink bowtie, pink tie, some pink flowers, maybe some ribbon through a centerpiece, or other small things would be negotiable, but not a pink suit. My partner would also never suggest pink for a couples thing of any sort. Our favorite colors are different, but we have some overlap on others. It’s easy to pick those if needed. It won’t be perfect for either of us, but it’s better than having one of us be unhappy. We don’t want either of our dreams to involve the other person being completely unhappy about something like that.

    (Note: I mean pink in all it’s forms, from the traditional lightened red to almost orange and all manners of vibrance and intensity)


  7. Unless there is some special reason to coordinate and wear the same thing, I think each partner should wear what he wishes. This assumes a basic trust and confidence in his taste.


  8. When we got married in 2007 we wore what we wanted, it was a suit but it was our individual taste. Matching outfits no that is not for us. As long as it is appropriate for the occasion that is what counts. The pink suit? I don’t see why.


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